Chauffer Driven Vehicle

Experience the comfort and convenience of WELLCARE luxury vehicle Chauffer Services.

Enjoy the convenience of our full service chauffeurs. WELLCARE assigns a qualified driver to accompany you to your destinations, so you focus on your day or enjoy the comfort of our world-class vehicles.

Full day services give flexibility to our guests to use the service throughout the day, at their convenience and leisure.
Hourly service is offered, made to fit specific schedules and timelines.

Our Chauffeurs are assigned to our guests for the entire day, giving them the freedom and flexibility to move around at their leisure and convenience.


Revel in the excitement and thrill of being behind the wheel of the world’s most luxurious vehicles. The MGM Self-Drive Service is for those with a true passion for the full experience.

At WELLCARE, we believe in empowering the driver with the world’s best vehicles of every class. From SUVs to high-end sports cars, there is a car for every kind of driver.

Tour the United Arab Emirates. Drive through the streets of Dubai. Define your journey – all at your own pace.